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Bloomington Gold Corvettes USA – The Granddaddy of Corvette Shows

The nation’s most prestigious and longest-running all-Corvette show had humble beginnings at the Illinois State Fairgrounds at Bloomington/Normal.  The show has grown in both size and popularity over the years.  It currently features judging, sales, and special displays. Bloomington Gold will include a gigantic one-of-a-kind display of Corvettes with many of the world’s most valuable and collectible Corvettes available for judging.

Here are a few of the highlights and awards that you can receive from Bloomington Gold:



A Gold Certified car appears as it would just after completion of “typical factory production.” It means that a Corvette has been preserved or restored within 95% of the way it appeared when it left the factory – no better, no worse, no different. Bloomington Gold’s standards for authenticity and condition are clear – the goal is to attain historic perfection, not cosmetic perfection.

One weekend each year, owners present their Corvettes to be judged for the coveted GOLD CERTIFIED award. Our highly qualified judges have been known for their knowledge, courtesy and consistency for over 40 years.



The SURVIVOR®  Award is designed to recognize those Corvettes that are “worn in, but not worn out.” A SURVIVOR Corvette is significantly unrestored, unrepaired, or unmodified and meets these requirements:

  • Is over 20 years old

  • Can pass a road test over 10 miles

  • Retains OEM engine

  • Remains unrestored, un-refinished, or unaltered;

    • 50% or more in all four sections to attain SURVIVOR Bronze

    • 66% or more in all four sections to attain SURVIVOR Silver

    • 80% or more in all four sections to attain SURVIVOR Gold

  • Retains finishes good enough to use as a color guide for restoration of a car just like it

Judges inspect  four components: Exterior, Interior, Under Hood, Chassis.



In 1991, Bloomington Gold introduced the ultimate and most difficult judging category – The BENCHMARK Award. To achieve BENCHMARK status, an unrestored Corvette must attain GOLD Certification and excel in all four categories of SURVIVOR during the same weekend. To date, fewer than 5% of the Corvettes that have been Certified have received the prestigious BENCHMARK Award.


Gold Collection 1967

For years, the Special Collection was the centerpiece of the show for many of the show goers.  Currently, it is referred to at the Gold Collection.  Each year the Gold Collection highlights the 50th anniversary year of that particular year.  This year, the Gold Collection will highlight the 1967 Corvette.

Bloomington Gold will salute the 1967 Corvette with this year’s Gold Collection event, showcasing over 30 special Corvette Sting Ray Sport Coupe and Convertible models. Included will be Bloomington Gold Certified, SURVIVOR and Benchmark Corvettes along with NCRS Top Flight and Duntov Mark of Excellence winners.

You’ll see low mileage originals, COPO special production jobs, competition Corvettes, and L88’s…some of the most desirable Sting Rays built.


More Bloomington Gold features:












If you can’t make it to the show, you can see what it was like in Corvette Legends Magazine!

Mid Year Corvettes

I’ve personally attended Bloomington Gold since 1981 and you can always count on the fact that I will feature Bloomington Gold Corvettes in my Corvette Legends Magazine!

Dr. Pete